A collaboration of 34 SABR members. This book includes biographies of all the umpires in the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, other notable arbiters, essays about professional female umpires, umpiring in the Negro Leagues, explorations of the baseball rules, umpire equipment, and much more. During the work on this book, we interviewed 56 major league umpires, former umpires, supervisors and umpire administrators, and others whose jobs cause them to interact with umpires. We hope to shed light on the umpiring profession past and present, the work involved on the field, and the arduous challenges and sacrifices it takes to become an umpire at the top of the profession. We have tried to look at the occupation from many different angles. No book can cover all facets of the job, but we hope to give readers a fuller appreciation of baseball and those charged with the integrity of the game. Contributions by David W. Anderson, Andy Andres, Mark Armour, Perry Barber, John Behrend, Dennis Bingham, Alan Cohen, Reynaldo Cruz, Kevin Cuddihy, Rob Edelman, Eric Frost, Larry Gerlach, Dennis Goodman, Leslie Heaphy, Harold R. Higham, Bob Hurte, Gil Imber, Rodney Johnson, Chuck Johnson, Stephen Johnson III, Bob LeMoine, Hank Levy, Bob Luke, Shaun McReady, Brian Mills, Bill Nowlin, Al Piacente, Bill Pruden, David Vincent, Bob Webster, Chris Williams, Herb Wilson. HALL OF FAME UMPIRES Al Barlick Nestor Chylak Jocko Conlan Tommy Connolly Billy Evans Doug Harvey Cal Hubbard Bill Klem Bill McGowan Hank O’Day OTHER NOTABLE UMPIRES Emmett Ashford Charlie Berry Augie Donatelli Tom Gorman Steve Palermo Babe Pinelli Ernie Quigley Beans Reardon Rev. Dr. Crew Chief Ted Barrett Chris Guccione HISTORICAL DATA Retired Numbers (and un-retired) from the Umpires Media Guide Honor Rolls of Baseball Umpires who Played and/or Managed in the Major Leagues Umpire Records Umpires and No-Hitters Historical Timeline of Major League Umpiring from the Umpires Media Guide Umpires in Postseason OTHER UMPIRES, OTHER PLACES Umpires in the Negro Leagues Three Arizona League Umpires Once Upon a Blue Moon: A Love Affair with Umpiring Around the World of Umpiring by Clark G. “Red” Merchant Larry Young and International Umpiring Cuban Umpiring Umpire Elber Ibarra Umpiring in Korea PROFESSIONAL WOMAN UMPIRES Amanda Clement: The Lady in Blue The Stained Grass Window by Perry Barber Yanet Moreno, the First Woman Umpire in Any Country’s Major League Umpire Schools: Training Grounds for the Guardians of the Game An Umpire School Diary A Visit to the Wendelstedt Umpire School in 2017 The Evolution of Umpires’ Equipment and Uniforms Ted Barrett’s Chest Protector and Plate Brush What Do Umpires Do Exactly? When the Rules Aren’t the Rules Baseball Q & A - Applying the Rules Umpire Mechanics Umpire Changes During A Game A History of Umpire Ejections Throwing Out 17 Players In One Game Dave Mellor, Director of Grounds, Fenway Park Dean Lewis, Umpires Room Attendant Chris Cundiff, Batboy Replay As An Umpiring Tool Larry Vanover — the first umpire to make a call at the Replay Operations Center Rich Rieker, Director of Umpire Development Umpire Observer Kevin O’Connor Ross Larson, Instant Replay Coordinator Replay Behind the Scenes — At the Ballpark Andy Andres, Field Timing Coordinator Dan Fish, Replay Headset Coordinator Jeremy Almazan, Replay Headset Coordinator John Herrholz, Ballpark Camera Technician Umpire Analytics The Chest Protector What’s In the Water in Coldwater, Michigan? One Umpire’s Schedule Umpires and Health Marc Letendre, Director, Umpire Medical Services Kevin Gregg, Director of Media Relations, Boston Red Sox “Batter Ump” — Basebrawls Involving Umpires Death on the Diamond — The Cal Drummond Story The Story of UMPS CARE Charities HISTORY Disqualification of Umpire Dick Higham Deadball Era Umpires Umpires and Unionization The Fates of the “22” U. S. Secret Service Agent Posing as a Major-League Ump Norman Rockwell’s Umpire Paintings