A desert prince’s love for his slave can become his salvation – or his undoing.

Prince Ashamet does not believe in love. But a gift of an exotic pale-skinned foreign slave unexpectedly turns his world around. The slave, Keril, is beautiful, and his purity and innocence are unlike anything Ashamet has ever encountered in a grown man. Amidst the court intrigues and mysterious attempts on his life, Ashamet finds himself completely preoccupied with gaining his slave’s trust.

But is Keril’s love truly the salvation he seeks? Or is the slave man a sophisticated tool, crafted by Ashamet’s enemies to destroy him?

ASHAMET, DESERT BORN is a compelling debut featuring adventure, intrigue, and romance in a rich fantasy world inspired by the magical settings of the Arabian Nights.

“A vivid, well-written tale that moves along at an entertaining pace” – The British Fantasy Society “Rich and compelling” -- SFCrowsnest

“I will certainly be looking for more work from Terry Jackman, who writes with such intelligence, emotional depth and subtlety.” – Mortal Words