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Assertive Discipline®: Positive Behavior Management for Today s Classroom, Fourth Edition outlines a three-step approach for positive behavior management by creating a classroom discipline plan that includes: rules that students must follow at all times; positive support that students will receive consistently for following the rules; and corrective actions that the teacher will use consistently when students choose not to follow the rules. The book emphasizes the last two steps to help teachers provide nonjudgmental feedback to students in a way that recognizes their efforts but also corrects their actions. The book stresses the importance of building positive relationships with students, which is vital for their success. The new edition features a section on becoming a successful classroom manager (including developing a teacher voice to more effectively communicate to students) and setting high expectations for students in order to achieve better overall results. Also new to this edition is an updated section on teaching responsible behavior, including a chapter on teaching policies and procedures at the beginning of the schoolyear, a chapter on developing a responsible behavior curriculum, and an overview of the behavioral narration technique introduced in Classroom Management for Academic Success. Finally, the new edition features a special addendum that introduces the real-time coaching model (in which a coach sits in the classroom and actively cues the teacher with regard to repeating directions, providing feedback, or taking disciplinary action) and explains how to establish a schoolwide Assertive Discipline program.


  • Learn how to become an effective classroom manager.

  • Explore how social developments have redefined the teacher s role.

  • Utilize a proactive approach to help students succeed.

  • Strike a balance between establishing a disciplined classroom while building trusting and caring relationships with students.

  • Create a classroom discipline plan.

  • Teach students the discipline plan.

  • Motivate the majority of students to behave appropriately.

  • Involve parents and administrators to support the most challenging students.

  • Use the Real Time Classroom Coaching Model.

  • Establish a schoolwide Assertive Discipline® program.
  • Contents
    Section 1 Becoming an Effective Classroom Manager
    1 You Can Be an Effective Classroom Manager
    2 Develop Your Teacher Voice
    3 Hold High Expectations
    Section 2 Developing Your Classroom Discipline Plan
    4 Establish Rules
    5 Determine Positive Support Strategies
    6 Determine Corrective Actions
    Section 3 Teaching Responsible Behavior
    7 Teach Policies and Procedures at the Beginning of the School Year
    8 Develop a Responsible Behavior Curriculum
    Section 4 Utilizing the Behavior Management Cycle
    9 Effectively Communicate Explicit Directions
    10 Utilize Behavioral Narration
    11 Take Corrective Actions
    12 Teach Students to Manage Their Own Behavior
    Section 5 Reducing Disruptive Behavior
    13 Instructional Strategies That Reduce Disruptive Behavior
    Section 6 Working With Difficult Students
    14 Build Positive Relationships With Students
    15 Develop Individualized Behavior Plans
    16 You Can t Do It on Your Own
    Appendix Mentors, Coaches, and School Leadership Teams: Structures to Support Classroom Teachers Behavior Management Efforts

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