20 stories to enrich the lives of children. This book contains stories for both younger and older children. Always have a story to read at bedtime, whatever their age.

This collection for children of all ages includes. Stories include - The Colour Pixie – Tracey Glasspool, The Cheesy Feet’s Mission to Mars – Duncan Jones, The Colonel and Huffy Hedgehog – Christine Findlay, Monkey Business – Rosalind Winter, Monster Couch – Mary Raebel, Maggie Mulligan, Pirate Queen – Ann Burnett, The Crafty Fiddlers – Pam Ramage, Sugar on Snow – Ann Ingalls, He’s Weird – Annabel McKenzie, A Christmas Coat-Astrophe! – Joan Zambelli, Blue’s Christmas Eve Adventure – Maggie Jones, The Christmas Tree Fairy – Pat Boulton, The Whispering Pine Tree – Gerard Taylor Wallace, The Penguin Who Felt the Cold – Holly Stevens, The Boy Magician – A H Benjamin, The Mice, the Snow and the Magic Tree – Valerie Dawson-Miles, Mission Accomplished – Iris Woodbury, Carla, the Little Red Hen – Pat St Pierre, The Long Blue Hall – Teresa Howard, But Not My Gran – Greta Yorke