On February 20, 1962. John Glenn Jr. became the first American to orbit the Earth and set the stage for all of NASA's future human spaceflight programs to orbit; culminating in the landing on the Moon. Experiences that are taken for granted today were at the time revelations to NASA; capturing his initial thoughts and observations was deemed critical. While onboard the rescue ship Noa and over the next two days on Grand Turk, Glenn recorded his thoughts on a tape recorder and answered questions during a NASA debriefing. Beginning with a narrative account of the flight and covering a chronological review of the flight from pre-launch entering the capsule through recovery, Glenn relates his experiences during his three-orbit flight as well as his training and the design of his pressure suit and capsule. These ultimately would be used to aid in the writing of the official NASA post-launch report. Inside is his story, told to us in his own words. Includes a number of rare photos including from the USS Noa.