A life surrendered to Christ can take many forms. He is so perfect in all of His ways, it is virtually inconceivable to the human mind what He can do with any measure of grief, pain, or brokenness. Jesus said it plainly in Matthew 21:44, “Anyone who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces; anyone on whom it falls will be crushed.” Understanding what it means to suffer for Christ is a difficult concept unless it is lived outwardly through someone or experienced personally. It is insufficient to “understand” intellectually. Suffering is truly apprehended when it is encountered as an act of worship to the King of kings, presenting one’s body as a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1). One Life is a profound work of personal testimony that captivates the reader with life lessons and devotion to Jesus Christ. Through this story, the author recounts a moment that changed her life forever. At times gripping, at times heart-wrenching, celebration is still found when pressing into the Father to discover and receive what He has hidden as treasure. It is through this event that the author submits to the teaching and development of a work of God so great, that readers may be personally touched and find similarities in their own life experiences. Every human’s journey is unique and God sovereignly works within each one for our good, molding us into His perfectly created work. An opus of great detail and depth of wisdom, this book offers hope while delivering conviction. This account provides a reminder of the great Love of Christ while inviting the reader to respond to His call. A call that requires death to self, submission to our creator, and results in a life unimaginable but vastly rewarding.