From the creators of CALEXIT, Young Terrorists is the twisted grimoire of political destruction that Justin Partridge at Newsarama called "incendiary, super-crazy, and razor-sharp... exactly the kind of pissed-off spectacle we deserve right now."

A young heiress discovers her father is part of a tyrannical new world order. She vows to burn his whole empire down.

"Young Terrorists continues the legacy of DMZ and THE INVISIBLES," according to Amy Giardiniere at Comic Book Resources. "The sci-fi thriller captures the true rage, injustice and emotions behind a rebellion on every panel and provides a brutal and sometimes violent social commentary on the current state of affairs... the series fearlessly attacks politics in a completely savage way."

Collects Part 1 and Part 2 plus the FCBD Special.

10 OUT OF 10
– Bloody Disgusting – ComicWow! – Comic Crusaders – SnapPow – Comic Spectrum – Comicosity

“Thrilling… it’s violent, aggressive, and taps into an undercurrent of rage against the proverbial machine that is pervasive in the world around us.”

“Matt Pizzolo and Amancay Nahuelpan’s new near-future political thriller Young Terrorists is a striking take on 21st century America and a group of young rebels who want to disrupt it… it’s a thrilling (and occasionally excruciatingly violent) mind trip about some seriously angry anti-heroes.”

“Smart dialogue, memorable characters, and in-your-face action. It’s THE INVISIBLES on PCP.”
-Julian Darius, SequArt (Grant Morrison: The Early Years)

“A dark and brutal tale, told with invention and passion.”
-J.M. DeMatteis (Justice League, Spider-Man: Kraven’s Last Hunt)