The purpose of Empty Nest, What's Next? is to help parents adjust to their changing roles as parents of adult children. Unlike the first eighteen years of parenting, moms and dads now take on more of an advisory role and step out of the daily hands-on instructional role. In theory, this stepping to the sidelines parenting style should lead to a simpler, less stress-free life for the parents. However, real-life parenting young adults is often much more challenging than all the earlier years put together. Combine young adult immaturity with a dangerous world, and parents frequently find themselves beset with worry, fear, and anxiety. Intellectually letting go is one thing; emotionally letting go is much more difficult, especially when the consequences are adult sized. This resource will offer parents true stories of other moms and dads who are facing the very same challenges. Parents will discover a biblical model of faith-inspiring exercises that enable them to not simply cope with the demands of parenting their young adult children, but also to find peace, freedom, and joy in the process. Empty Nest, What's Next? will offer encouragement, practical suggestions, and lots of comical asides to the always-evolving role of parenting.

Table of Contents:
1. Entering the Empty Nest (or Almost There)
2. Accepting that Parenting Mistakes Are Done Deals
3. Keeping First Things First Faith Then Family
4. Learning to Step Back and Occasionally Advise
5. Riding the Emotional Roller Coaster
6. Recognizing that Adult Children Make Adult-Sized Mistakes
7. Welcoming Your Children s Future Dates and Mates
8. Recreating Your Life with Children on the Sidelines
9. Reinvesting in Your Marriage
10. Viewing Your Adult Children as Peers and Equals
11. Twisting the Plot You re a Grandparent
12. Stepping in to Parent Your Grandchildren in a Crisis
13. Building Good Relationships with Your Children s In-Laws
14. Redefining Your Role in Life Now
15. Letting Adult Children Become Fiscally Responsible
16. Reinventing Life Goals from Midlife and Beyond
17. Helping Adult Children Endure the Difficult Seasons of Life
18. Having Fun Even When Your Adult Children Have Problems
19. Welcoming Untimely Interruptions
20. Supporting Your Adult Children through a Crisis
21. Giving Counsel When Your Adult Children Want to Give Up
22. Investing in People Other than Your Adult Children
23. Allowing Adult Children to Move Back Home
24. Banishing Worry for Good
25. Applying Tough Love as Needed
26. Being Hopeful When Your Adult Child s Life Falls Apart
27. Praying for Something You Can t Talk About
28. Asking for Forgiveness as Needed
29. Learning from Your Adult Children with Grace
30. Loving Them Unconditionally