Kimberly Bunker
Number 41
That place is infinity, the same infinity that requires all this living and dying and living.

George Saunders
Interview by David Naimon
My idea is that life is so strange and so unknowable and so beautiful that you might have to resort to extraordinary means to really get some of that on the page.

Mark Hitz
She hated the place. Hated the wind, the dust, the bad water pressure, but believed, correctly, that as long as it was standing and put-together, we would converge.

Barbara Ganley
Language Lessons
There are no life preservers to throw, no lifeboats to launch, no maps to draw, no words to offer.

Greg Schreur
Third World Kroger
Between here and there is Birch Field, which we think of as a mental hospital, which it is, but it's more than that.

Sommer Schafer
The Final Sermon
He'd always thought he just didn't know how to handle money, but recently it had become clear to him that he'd just never had enough of it.

Marko Gregur
My intelligence is above the average. Sitting at this table, that's more than obvious.

Benjamin Percy
Interview by Andrew Scott
A short story is a stylistically vigorous glimpse of a life.

Samsun Knight
Family of Four
David knows that his family is insane the way one knows the nature of most things within a dream.

Kurt Rheinheimer
The Cabin
Who knew if it was in my mother's head all the time in the car and it couldn't really come out until they were in the kitchen in Blueston, or whether the whole idea really did just come to be thought about then.

Ming Holden
Keller's Ranch
The whole of Santa Barbara County is a pile of matchsticks. I forgot the heaviness of July.

Natasha Tamate Weiss
What It Means to Rush
I was a born listener and was always listening, listening and nodding, even when I didn't understand; I nodded myself into understanding.

Hugh Burkhart
Dumb Down
I was envious of Pigeon's ability to get so immersed in what he was learning, to be so ecstatic and opinionated.

David Ebenbach
If She Doesn't Answer
The daughter reaches back to grip the bannister so that she won't fall.

Gillian Burnes
So which was right: the misery in his head or the expression on his face? Maybe both. Huh. You can think with your face or think with your brain, and one's as right as the other.