Does the health information management textbook you use meet your needs? Does it follow AHIMA’s model curriculum? Is it up-to-date and complete, or are you forced to search for supplemental materials? Do your students complain about how hard their current textbook is to understand?

Health Information Management Technology: An Applied Approach, was designed to meet your health information technology students’ needs. It’s based on the model curriculum for students in American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)-accredited two-year HIT programs. This curriculum, recommended by AHIMA’s Assembly on Education, mirrors the requirements set down for the accreditation of HIT programs and the certification of HIT graduates. The curriculum helps you deliver content in a way that complements and enhances your own teaching.

Your students will comprehend the material faster because it’s written at the ideal reading level for beginners in an HIT program. Every chapter allows you to:

Help your students appreciate how major concepts and principles can be applied in real practice-based situations. To accomplish this, each chapter begins with "Theory into Practice," a case study.

Provide formative, immediate feedback with numerous quizzes. The "Check Your Understanding" sections allow students to verify their command of the information presented in each section. The review quizzes included at the end of each chapter allow you and your students to set goals easily and, more importantly, provide a roadmap for achieving them.

Give students an opportunity to put theory into practice by furnishing them with exercises, student activities, and projects. These exercises help develop critical-thinking, problem-solving, and systems-thinking skills, so students will be prepared for future professional problem-solving situations.

Discover more than 900 pages packed with additional resources to assist in your teaching:
A list of learning objectives for each chapter
Key terms—defined in the glossary at the end of the book
Application exercises
A real-world case study with discussion questions
And more!

Your students are sure to use this comprehensive resource not only during the course of their two-year program, but as a reference well into their careers .

Health Information Management Technology: An Applied Approach comes with FREE Web-based instructor’s materials that feature lesson plans, extra learning activities, PowerPoint slides, answer keys, and a test item bank for each chapter.