When Rachel McKenna uncovers a Japanese katana her first day on the job at the Jade Dragon antique shop, she awakens an ancient spirit and two souls become oneā€¦ Rachel McKenna is a college student flunking her pre-law courses with dreams of making it big on the local art scene. A closet bookworm with an overbearing mother and no social life, sheā€™s just one step away from becoming a college dropout. Atsuhiko Abe is a former samurai from the golden age of a feudal Japan turned modern day art dealer. The victim of a four centuries old curse, he is in search of his ancestral sword to atone for the sins of his past and avenge the death of his beloved wife. When Atsuhiko answers the call of his familial sword, he is brought face to face with an ancient enemy, the spirit of his late wife Haruko, newly resurrected from the dead, and Rachel McKenna, the innocent young woman Haruko has taken as a host. Duty bound, Atsuhiko vows to protect Rachel from the reach of their shared enemy while seeking forgiveness from the ghost of his beloved. As fate draws them closer together in heart, body, mind, and soul, Atsuhiko and Rachel must learn to live with their newfound connection and emergent love while unraveling the secrets of a long-forgotten tragedy before history repeats itself.