Exposing Terrorism Description, Ed McGaa, Author When disaster befalls mankind’s existence Science probes Creator’s creation for its curative discoveries. Man relies upon hopeful prayer expecting God wrought solutions inventively tailored to save mankind’s dilemmas. The Great Inquisition set back Earth saving technology prohibiting Science’s curative discoveries for over five centuries. Brutal, selfish terroristic dictatorships cunningly cooperated with hierarchal religious leadership to accomplish their control over the superstitious, gullible masses regardless of extreme natural disaster. (i.e. Bubonic Plague). In this day and age of approaching environmental disaster, that 500 years of lost technology could well be used to possibly avoid or curtail our planet’s future dilemma. Communication must be considered as the most powerful tool to save the planet eventually according to the predictions of the majority of climatological scientists. Knowledge begets wisdom through truthful communication and must win over ignorance, superstition and denial-Terrorism's tools, in order for disastrous planetary heating and its related water shortage and diminishing agricultural land is to regain or hold its sustainable level. Prologue and Introduction opens the reader to a new set of culturally honed values relatively free from Terrorism thus deserving a degree of explanatory adjustment before embarking onward to explore practically, pragmatically and truthfully with the goal of eventually subduing Terrorism’s role. Unfortunately, history, as written by the conquerors, has been highly misleading as to the positive Earth saving and harmonic promoting values held down through eons, in particular by most of the North Eastern tribes. Shintoism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, the Hindus, led by terroristic bent leadership, among all of the world’s leading religions have had their numerous cycles of murderous wars, feminine, homosexual, minor sect and minority persecutions and holocausts besides the suppression of technological and medical advancement. Christianity refuses to admit that it was a ‘Christian Country’ giving in to political terrorists that fatally victimized millions of Jews, many of whom were brilliant scientists and inventive technologists. Terrorism originates in many forms. Islam now plays the major role regarding Terrorism’s continuous portrayal. The Caliphate of ISIS has produced jihadist terror spreading worldwide let alone successful conquering of considerable territory in Iraq and Syria. They have also advanced into Afghanistan to some degree. Presently they are on the defensive having lost territory yet their recruitment is still active despite recent losses. Exposing Terrorism goes into the front lines with our own troops and modernized weaponry. As a combat experienced veteran I offer how not to limit our military. ‘What went wrong in the Mid-East?’ is an eye opening explanatory chapter. The Tibet chapter regarding the serf/slaves hopeless lives has its similarities that changes one’s established views on ‘peaceful Buddhism ‘at least in that particular country and some others as well. Understanding Spirituality chapter. The North American Indigenous, the major tribes at least, held to a commonality of religious belief. It is best to say, Spiritual Belief, however. Native faith is Earth or Creation based rather than relying upon how mortal man of dominant society has to instruct us regarding the spiritual. To help the reader understand such dichotomy of unorthodox belief in comparison to his/her Dominate Society influence, certain major ceremonies are illustrated. A profound interest and respect for Native Wisdom at least what has emanated from the North eastern tribal influence is considered if my Mother Earth Spirituality readership is considered- 50th printing by Harper Collins plus an added Book of the Month Club printing. Regardless of the Nation's present political posture, Environment is a serious concern.