Below is a short synopsis of the contents of Book Six. I hope you enjoy it. The cowardly POTUS, with selected staff members, has relocated (run away) to Mexico City to escape the massive destruction predicted for the North American east coast. His plan to form a new government, the United Socialist States of the Americas, ruled by himself, the President of Mexico, and the Acting Prime Minister of Canada, waits to take a huge step forward. A surprise catches up to him in Mexico City. Dr. Joe Harrellson and his new bride, Regina Rachlee, two scientists who tracked the killer asteroid from their lab at the University of Arizona, Mount Lemmon Sky Center, seek safety in Flagstaff, AZ, to avoid the anarchy predicted to follow the asteroid disaster. They soon realize anarchy has already begun. Matt Simmons, Director of NASA’s Los Angeles Near Earth Object (NEO) office and his reporter girlfriend, Mary Williams, fearing the asteroid’s impact will somehow affect the San Andreas Fault, drive to Cabo San Lucas to avoid the catastrophe. Natural disaster disrupts their plans and their lives before they arrive. Mary King, a veterinarian and youngest daughter of Happle and Marilyn King, along with three of her University of Kentucky Animal Clinic colleagues leave Kentucky to join Mary’s parents in Boone, N.C., to wait out the asteroid strike. They find out quickly the ride to safety is filled with many unexpected dangers. Dr. Greg Chambers, a veterinarian and Mary’s beau, leaves his home in Cary, N.C., a place threatened to be swamped by the tsunami and river surge caused by AZ2016 NEO, to join Mary in Boone. His harrowing trip takes him through armed, rogue, militia controlled territory and illegal road blocks as he battles to reach his girlfriend’s side. Luke Friday, Mary’s former beau, must travel home to Greenville, Tennessee from Tobaccoville, North Carolina to reach his dying father’s side before the asteroid hits. His trip is detoured by a strange twist of fate. Major David Ramsey’s job to battle against his old enemy North Korean General Khang now includes an order to kill him. Khang has 20,000 troops ready to invade Canada and Alaska. Agent Taniguchi assists Ramsey and is hopeful to exact her revenge on Khang. Ramsey’s trap is set, but his escape is not assured. Teri, the King’s oldest daughter lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, Andy and family. They meet with horrific, life threatening forces as they travel to join her parents in Boone, N.C. They escape one barrier only to find they must turn back to pursue shelter in the Poconos. Danger pursues them. The Kings, Hap and Shug, continue the last leg of their four-day trip through the mountains along the Appalachian Trail with their five horses. They meet new hazards and dangerous people as they plod on towards Boone, N.C. One event changes their perception of life forever. Canadian Minister Rob Ritchy survives an assassination attempt only to be captured by a band of Mexico’s Hidden People. He must escape before the American CIA agents, illegally sent by the insane POTUS, can finish the job. The asteroid, AZ2016 NEO, bears down on these characters. The tsunami is but one calamity they must survive. The damage to the Earth’s tectonic plates will prove to be a much more harrowing experience.