TRUE WAND MAGICK is nothing like the “magic” shown in fantasy novels and movies. True Wand Magick is the real thing. It can help you discover your passion, and focus your True Will to achieve what you desire—even manifest your destiny. True Wand Magick will guide you not only in how to create your own wand, but also HOW TO USE YOUR WAND in real magick. Learn: 1) the history of this ancient ritual tool—how it was used through the ages by magicians, pharaohs, kings and queens, wizards and witches, and even gods and goddesses; 2) how the wand is used in cultures around the world; 3) ways to discover your unique mission and destiny in life, and begin to achieve it with the help of wand magick; 4) different kinds of wands for many different purposes; 5) how to design, create, consecrate, and care for your wand; 6) beginning, intermediate, and advanced techniques for using your wand; and 7) practical ways to support your magick and get things done by action in the material world. Join Amber and Azrael in exploring the possibilities of True Wand Magick!