HH “This is the gateway to G-d, the righteous come through (/with) it!” (Psalms 118:20). Many great and famous tzaddikim (righteous/saints) asserted that they did not attain their lofty standing, except through this practice of personal prayer and dialog conducted frequently and constantly with G-d, especially in seclusion (Likutay Moharan, vol. 2, Torah 25). Whether one is G-d forbid in the utter abyss of hell and still sinking, May the Holy Merciful One G-d save us, or soaring and aspiring towards the utmost holiness, his entire survival and success is contingent on the words he pours out to G-d. The words are the paradigm of the soul, their expression will be the soul's determination. Outpouring of the Soul is the textbook for this, and as such, everyone should be very familiar with it, and keep it handy at all times. Rabbi Nachman of Breslov revealed that his entire enterprise is prayer. Many of his teachings are dedicated exclusively to prayer, and interspersed throughout the rest of his teachings, are many more important fundamentals of prayer. Outpouring of the Soul is a collection of all of these, and as such it is one of the Breslov classics. Outpouring of the Soul is a comprehensive compilation particularly addressing personal prayer. First, as an introduction, the book presents the various instances of personal prayer which are written in the Bible and the Scriptures, and then it follows with excerpts from the Talmud and other early works of our Sages. The main part of the book is a collection of all the teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov intrinsic to prayer; how to pray, encouragement to pray, and so forth. Bringing down from the holy books Likutay Moharan, Sefer Hamidos (“Character – The Aleph Beth Book of Traits”), The Words of Our Leader Rabbi Nachman, The Life of Our Leader Rabbi Nachman, and from the holy books of Rabbi Nachman's chief disciple, Rabbi Nussun, including the holy book Likutay Aitzoas (A colleciton of directives/advice/remedies), the letters which are publish under the name Ullim Li'ti'roo'fa (Leaves for Healing), and Likutay Halachos. The final section of the book is an abridged excerpt from Likutay Halachos which explains extensively the idea of taking holy teachings and ideas and making prayers for them. As the name of the book already suggests, it is a guide and a manual to help a person really unburden himself before the One Holy Merciful G-d, and to be able to overcome all adversity and hardship, even in the most dire circumstances, may the Holy Merciful One spare us, one can prevail and rise above, with the help of these wondrous, awesome advice, remedies, and directives presented simply and understandably in this holy book. One should familiarize himself with the entire book, and keep it handy especially when things are tough G”F. Very great effort was made in the translation of this book to ensure that the most accurate and loyal word choice was provided. This book also includes the entire book, “Rabbi Nachman of Breslov; Who He Was and What He Said” which is available separately, by itself, as well. This book has around 100 teachings of Rabbi Nachman, and a transliteration of the Tikun Haklali – General/Comprehensive Rectification, as well as an English translation of “The Short Prayer” which many say daily, especially after the recital of the Tikun Haklalli. May we merit to fully utilize the powerful constructs and techniques brought down in this holy book. Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!