The eighteenth issue of award-winning noir journal, CRIME FACTORY. FICTION! FICTION! FICTION! TWELVE fresh slices of it, all told! We've got - Patrick Loveland; Michael Koenig; Bobbie Groth; Jay Helmstutler; Sarah M. Chen; Jacqui Horwood; Paul Heatley; J. M. Taylor; Greg Mollin; Jeff Esterhold; Benjamin Welton; and Adeola Adeniyi. Not only that, but Benjamin Welton talks about Davis Grubb's "Night of the Hunter". Gilbert Colon looks through the history of Nic ("True Detective) Pizzolatto's fiction. Rafe McGregor investigates the modern Mexican noir film, "Days of Grace" ("Dias De Gracia"). And Mark Krajnak shares his New Jersey Noir photo series. All this, plus reviews of what's shaking in the world of crime. Brought to you by the usual reprobates.