Based on a true story, identical twins Jennifer and Camille Johnson have spoken their own language—twin speak, some call it—since they were toddlers. But the secret of their mysterious incantations predates The Flood back to the Tower of Babel. After raising a childhood friend from death on national television, they face ridicule from their critics and fame from their fans from both sides. Reviled by the Church as fallen angels, they pay the price when they resurrect the wrong man, an assassinated terrorist who is bent on revenge. The devastation and destruction that follows is almost more than they can bear. Pursued by Ray Watts, an investigator who is interested in them for more than their special powers, these lovely young ladies must go to the ends of the Earth to escape his obsession. Only by seeking the help of a most unlikely group of people can they find peace, and perhaps discover their purpose among the people of Earth. If you like Stephen King, James Rollins and Dan Brown you'll love this book. Spread over the the last 40 years and bringing the reader up to present time, this first book in The Skeleton Dolls Trilogy will allow the reader to grow up along with the twins and experience their journey as normal American women who just happen to speak the original language of God. The same language that Adam, Noah, Abraham and Moses used to speak to their Creator with, which was banished after the Tower of Babel was destroyed. This language, well documented as "twin speak" on the internet has no dictionary or historical reference. Similar to what many experience as "tongues" spoken in charismatic Christian churches, no one knows the alphabet or origin. Thought to be Druidic in nature, we find out that the language is much older that that. Only the original outback Aborigines of Australia have been around long enough to know the true origin and location of this celestial tongue.