Have you ever felt the urge to fuck the photocopier at work? Or maybe you’re obsessed with panda sex. Perhaps you have a bomb in your cunt, or better yet, you have the Demon Vibrator of Eden in there. Whatever your taste, STRANGE SEX 3 has the scratch for your itch. John Bruni, author of DONG OF FRANKENSTEIN, has gathered together the craziest perverts in the industry, and they have given us the most fucked up erotica you’re ever likely to read. From Mandy De Sandra (KIRK CAMERON AND THE CROCODUCK OF CHAOS MAGICK) to Mike Lombardo (I’M DREAMING OF A WHITE DOOMSDAY) to Jeff O’Brien (the BIGBOOBENSTEIN series) to Danger_Slater (I WILL ROT WITHOUT YOU) and many more, STRANGE SEX 3 will leave your brain dripping with sexual satisfaction.