The Fall of the Americas series is a story about a nation and a family’s efforts to overcome catastrophic natural disaster and world economic collapse of a size unlike any the modern world has ever experienced. This limited edition is provided at a special price for the first three books in the series during the Holiday Season. Book one AZ2016 NEO is about a 3,000 foot wide mini-asteroid. It has an elliptical orbit which brings it by the Earth every eight years. In 2017, it will pass 20,000 miles close. Except this time the enemies of America plan to make this trip AZ2016 NEO’s last. Book Two of this series, THE QIXI VIRUS, is about a killer virus, thought to be the destroyer of the Neanderthal species 40,000 years ago. It was discovered inside an ice cave in far northeast China. The virus is destined to become a biological weapon of mass destruction. When North Korean agents shoot down a top secret mission to test the specimens on live citizens of Canada, a battle between commando teams from the United States/Canada, Japan, China, and North Korea to capture the specimens begins at the crash site in the Nahanni National Forest in the Northwest Territories, Canada. The situation is critical. Whoever controls the virus, will control the world. Book Three, The Fires of Fear, continues the struggles of the characters identified in the previous books. Japanese commando, Lieutenant Minako Taniguchi, sick with an unknown illness, struggles to escape the Nahanni National Forest battle zone with the Qixi Virus specimens. Dr. Stephanie Parker has suddenly and unexpectedly returned to the Pentagon. Captain Marsha Miller, a new member of the elite security team guarding the doomed Canadian Prime Minister, finds a deadly surprise. President Aaron Rueben Thomas begins secret meetings to form The United Socialist States of the Americas. The truth about the AZ2016 NEO that it will strike the Earth, is finally learned. The King family realize they must leave their farm and help their children and their families find a place safe from the catastrophic disaster the asteroid will bring. Captain Ramsey and Colonel Khang, bitter enemies, are thrown together and struggle to stay alive. A preview of Book Four, The Long Trail Ride Begins, is included at the end of The Fires of Fear.