THE BEST DAMN CRIME FICTION MAG ON THE PLANET is here again to crash into your brains like a plane flown by Harrison Ford! (YOU come up with a better metaphor at 4 a.m.) Good thing our writers are better at this than we are. How do we know? Because THUGLIT stories win award after award. So put THAT into your crack pipe and smoke it. Then put down the crack. It's terrible for you. Get high instead on some THUGLIT! It's also much cheaper. Just sayin'. IN THIS ISSUE OF THUGLIT: BIG HARD SQUALL by Lane Kareska JASMINE AND GUNPOWDER by Justin Porter A HUNDRED AND TWENTY BUCKS by Matt Andrew POWER PLAY by Dave Reddall CASSANDRA AND ABIGAIL by Galal Chater NOT A SAILOR'S GIRL by Eddie McNamara A BOX OF HORSES by Steve Bailey EL CAMBALACHE by Terrence McCauley