"Idea" is a 2015 Scars Publications' cc&d magazine (v254) poetry and short story book by assorted writers and artists. "Children, Churches and Daddies" (AKA cc&d, subtitle "the UN-religios, NON-family oriented literart and art magazine) has been printed in many forms since it's inception in 1993, but since 2014 cc&d is being released every other month as a 6"x9" perfect-bound paperback book, with not only it's usual ISSN# (print ISSN# 1068-5154, Internet ISSN# 1555-1555), but also an ISBN#. With ISBN#s for issue/book releases, all issues now carry a title to accompany the new format, reflecting the writing inside the book and the cover design. Writers and artists in this book include writing by Janet Kuypers, Richard King Perkins II, CEE, Sheryl L. Nelms, Erren Kelly, I.B. Rad, Jane Stuart, Alan Catlin, R. N. Taber, David J. Thompson, Catherine B. Krause, Simon Perchik, Maura Gage Cavell, MCD, Michael Ceraolo, Brian Looney, Donald Gaither, Kelley Jean White MD, Eric Burbridge, Dr. (Ms.) Michael S. Whitt, Joshua Copelan, Oz Hardwick, Betty J. Sayles, Margaret Karmazin, Derald Hamilton, Kevin Munley, Patrick Fealey, Jim Meirose, Brian Forrest, Aaron Wilder, Eric Bonholtzer, Kyle Hemmings, Cheryl Townsend, the HA!Man of South Africa, Uzeyir Lokman CAYCI, and David Michael Jackson.