The Diamond Collection ~ Series II contains selected stories from two or more of the Tales2Inspire most popular gift books: The Sapphire Collection and the Ruby Collection, all winners in one of the Tales2Inspire annual international contests. Now the best-of-the-best, the most popular and diverse set of stories from these two collections are included in this one anthology. Stories from The Sapphire Collection: The Sapphire: Symbol of communication, insight, intuition and inspiration. Some stories are special only to the person who owns them, while others are so moving they need to be shared. And so it is with this collection of stories, for as its subtitle suggests, they Echo In the Mind. Not simply memoirs meaningful to a few, these stories practically shout out: "Pass me along, tell me to your family and friends." Stories from The Ruby Collection The Ruby: Symbol of friendship and love, opening the heart to promote loving relationships. This collection of stories shows the Gift of Compassion, not just in people, but in some of our furred and feathered friends as well. In each story its reader will sense evidence of sensitivity and concern for the plight of another, followed by acting on those feelings in some positive way. These stories of compassion fulfilled reflect the best that lies within us.