Make 2015 the year YOU publish your first book!

Seriously... Anyone can do it!

If this is your first attempt at self-publishing your first book, or maybe you’re coming to CreateSpace from another publishing platform, or you’re adding paperbacks to your existing Kindle or e-book catalog, this book is for you.

CreateSpace's remarkable publishing system means that anyone with a good story and basic computer skills can successfully publish a high quality paperback, and have it sold worldwide on Amazon.

This book will guide you, and train you how to get your words into print.

  • Maybe your objective is to build a business as a self-published author, in which case this book will teach you how to do things ‘the easy way’ and start selling books quicker.
  • Perhaps you need a book to support your profession, as a speaker, consultant, or expert? You may already have your material, but you need to know how to get it published, and how to obtain economical copies for your professional work.
  • Or perhaps you just want to write your life story for your grandkids?

What used to be the exclusive domain of professional printers and big publishing companies is now at your fingertips. And it’s free, if you want it to be.

An Expert System for you to follow...

Publishing your Paperback on CreateSpace isn't complicated, but it can be time-consuming the first time, and there are plenty of opportunities to make mistakes that will set you back. Let me show you the short-cuts and secret weapons that will save you days of frustration!

Following the steps in this book you’ll avoid most of the unnecessary work, because you’ll be properly prepared. You’ll have completed all your editing and formatting, compiled your print manuscript, designed and produced your cover, optimized your book for the Amazon website, and prepared all the other things which you’ll need when you start publishing your book.

Step-by-Step Instructions will get you there quicker...

You’ll be guided through every stage of the CreateSpace publishing process, with explanations of how to set up your publishing package so that your book looks great and Amazon finds it when people search. In no time at all, you'll be holding your own book in your hands; a Published Author! You'll learn all about;

  1. Opening your CreateSpace Account
  2. Starting a New CreateSpace Project
  3. ISBN Options
  4. Choose a Book Size and Page Type
  5. Formatting Your Manuscript (your interior file)
  6. Editing, Checking and Proofing
  7. Uploading your Manuscript and Cover to CreateSpace
  8. Setting Your Prices & Distribution
  9. Writing a Killer Product Description
  10. Choosing your Book’s Category
  11. Writing your Author Biography
  12. All about Keywords and Amazon Search
  13. Reviewing Your Print-Ready Book File
  14. Ordering Copies
  15. Automatic Kindle Publishing

You could spend days figuring it all out by yourself, or you can follow the steps in How to Publish your Paperback with CreateSpace and you'll be finished in a few hours, so you can get on with writing your next masterpiece!

How to Publish Your Paperback with CreateSpace is the latest in Rick Smith's best-selling Self-Publishing Masterclass series, which includes;

  • Createspace and Kindle Self-Publishing Masterclass
  • Mile High Word Count and Writing Productivity
  • Optimize your Book for Amazon

All these books are available individually or as a Box Set, exclusively on Amazon.

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