Some stories are special only to the person who owns them. Others, so moving they need to be shared. The 'tales' in this Sapphire Collection shout out: pass me along, tell me to your family and friends. 
Each story in this book is a winner from the annual Tales2Inspire international competition, anonymously selected by a jury of accomplished authors. These authors, all winners of a Tales2Inspire™ annual writer's contest, understand the power of stories. They have crafted the ones you are about to read with meticulous care. We hope they will echo in your mind long after you reach the last page of this book.
A sampling of the 'baker's dozen' of amazing stories in this collection include the following:
. A B-51 escort bomber pilot, shot down in France, is rescued seconds before the plane burst into flames. Twenty some years later he and his rescuers reunite in a stranger-than-fiction series of events.
. A pup with a most independent spirit proves his worth when he becomes part of one teacher's school behavior management program.
. Appearances can be deceiving at times. Home life was fragile for this child, but she leans how to rise above it and become a model parent for her own children.
. A young boy, filled with love for his grandfather, secretly plots a day both he and his 'Pappy' never forget.
. While investigating and breaking the case that became know as "The greatest heist in history",  this young assistant DA reaffirms his own values.
. Traversing through life's moments of sunshine and storms seems somewhat akin to passing through a series of doorways. This woman details the several doorways of her life.
 This is just a sampling of the thirteen inspiring stories you will find within the pages of this book.