Someone or something is stalking Destiny at Shadow Academy. Plunged into a world of magic and a paranormal romance with a sorcerer at her mysterious new school, Destiny discovers Shadow Academy is a portal for spirits. Drawn to super-hunk Liam the first day, she wonders why he seems so familiar to her. Although Destiny has long-forgotten her imaginary playmate, Liam is haunted by the paranormal romance they shared as children. But Liam's deadly secret turns their dream of love into a nightmare. Destiny is targeted by fallen angels bent on snatching the astonishing secret her murdered mother left her. A secret that could release imprisoned dark archangels and raise up a Nephilim army to seize control of the world. As Destiny's ability to see into the spirit realm grows, she becomes increasingly suspicious that Liam is not only stalking her, but he means to kill her. Tormented by the forces of good and evil warring inside him, Liam knows he must obey the fallen angels order to turn the girl he loves to the dark side or kill her. To stay together, the teen lovers must trick or defeat a terrifying worldwide network of evil spirits and demons. Riveting, and romantic, The School of Shadows pits love against destiny, duty against desire, and calls for the ultimate sacrifice.