Pastor, Staff, and Congregational Relationships fills the need for a fresh and comprehensive resource for building quality relationships among pastors, church staff leaders, and church members and leaders. Often in this day of fast-paced changes, conflicts arise that might have been avoided if intentional attention were given to relationships. The book has been written by a team of experienced pastors, staff leaders, and laypeople who have demonstrated effectiveness in building healthy churches. The approach of the book is that servant leadership and good personnel administration are essential to quality staff and congregational relationships. Also, this book assumes that the pastor and vocational staff are called to help equip the congregation for ministry to the community and beyond. Because of the current context in churches, a chapter on the congregation relating to the pastor and staff and a chapter on conflict resolution are included. Furthermore, the book also treats the important issues of staff and congregational ethics and addresses the serious problem of moral failure. University and seminary professors will find this volume a good choice for a textbook for preparing ministers for church ministry. It will also be a valuable tool for pastors, general staff leaders, and lay leaders in local churches. Pastor, Staff, and Congregational Relationships focuses on servant leadership and addresses the roles pastors, staff, and laypeople play in creating and nurturing strong church relationships. Grounded in biblical principles and full of practical advice, this textbook brings fresh knowledge to a familiar topic. Starting with the premise that all are called to serve but each serves according to his or her own gifts and abilities, Pastor, Staff, and Congregational Relationships emphasizes the importance of the relationships that exist among pastor, staff, and congregational leaders.