This book lays out an impressive, well-articulated set of trends that have affected or will soon affect local governments throughout the nation through technology. Amazingly, as Dr. Shark points out, all of this massive change has occurred within the past 12 years. While technology trends continue to play out in the local government realm, public managers, mainly city and county managers and assistant city and county managers, have experienced quite a number of challenges in navigating the brave new world. Dr. Shark chose local governments as the primary focus because their jurisdictions are where most innovation and experimentation takes place. Despite its focus, this book should be especially helpful to state governments, and perhaps federal agencies, trying to better understand the challenges local governments face. The Seven Trends that will Transform Local Government through Technology is a must-read for all public managers who are seeking answers about how all the pieces fit together and, as importantly, why. No other book on this subject lays it out as convincingly as this one.