The characters in the novel are based on individuals with whom I have worked as a Special Forces intelligence/counterintelligence soldier/civilian in Afghanistan for the past ten years.

The events and potential events in this work are actual or highly feasible. The main protagonist, Danny Kane is based on an actual counterintelligence operative who is highly respected in the counterintelligence community in Afghanistan, due to his uncanny powers of deduction in all matters relating to that country. He is fluent in most of the regional dialects and as I said is well-known in the counterintelligence community there. His actual identity will remain secret as he is operational at the time of completion of this novel.

This book is the second in a series based on these characters. The initial novel, Danny Kane and the Hunt for Mullah Omar is the story of a failed covert mission involving Special Forces operators led by the narrator Chief Warrant (CW4) Officer Earl Ivory and Danny Kane. Earl is the senior non-commissioned counterintelligence operator in Afghanistan and the highest ranking non-com African American CI operative in the Army, at the time of the mission.

In the original narrative, though assigned this highly covert and politically sensitive mission by State Department officials, he and his team including Danny Kane were abandoned and disavowed by American State Department officials for political reasons once this mission was accomplished.

In this, novel two years later Earl who is still in the army is ordered by intelligence officials with the CIA to return to the Middle East, locate his friend Danny, with whom he lost contact following the initial Mullah Omar mission, and who has since joined forces with Baloch rebels in southern Pakistan. Earl must convince his friend Danny, to return to America and turn his back on the rebel movement for which he has become a highly charismatic and effective leader, or he must neutralize him.

Danny's leadership in the rebel movement has become a threat to regional stability as the rebels are gaining ground against the corrupt Pakistan government and showing signs of uniting with rebel groups in India, Pakistan's enemy to the east. Earl, still devoted to America and his duty as a soldier, must decide what to do once he finds Danny.

Clothed in White Raiment provides rare insight into the operations of intelligence and counterintelligence as well as the political underpinnings of events in this part of the world. Suggested events in this novel have either occurred, are currently active or, are likely to occur in the future.