Manawydan explores universal issues of good and evil, cruelty and kindness, pain and forgiveness against the specific backdrops of tribal Africa, the slave trade, and supernatural occurrences in modern-day San Francisco. Through eerie circumstances in the Bermuda Triangle, Captain Mason and his crew locate the lost slave ship Manawydan.

While the vessel undergoes renovations in San Francisco, turning it into a tourist attraction, the book delves into the ship’s horrific history in general and its life-altering impact on two slaves, Oba and Iloree, in particular. When Mason and his close friend Tank start searching into their own pasts, an ancient prophecy has a second chance to right the horrific wrongs perpetrated generations ago.

Taboo subjects of our time, e.g., slavery, sex, and religion, are woven together in Manawydan. This novel interlaces ancient African legends with historical truths about slave processing and contemporary concepts of capitalism, greed and alternative lifestyles. It expounds on issues of our past and our future; worlds we understand and those we cannot comprehend, and exalts the power of knowledge and forgiveness to heal old wounds.

Manawydan’s combination of fantasy, horror, and harsh reality provokes thought while providing an outstandingly enlightened, and entertaining reading experience.