Crime Syndicate Magazine Issue One features eight of the funniest, most engaging, and most badass crime fiction short stories on the market today, including stories by Eric Beetner (this issue's Guest Editor), Art Taylor, Jeff Bowles, James Queally, Paul Heatley, Nick Kolakowski, Tess Makovesky, and C.J. Edwards. A man takes his husbandly duties to a whole new, and quite bloody, level in "So Close," by Eric Beetner. A salesman puts the hard sell on a married couple looking for assurances in the event of the husband's violent demise in "Restoration," by Art Taylor Criminal enforcer Jack "The Hammer" Palmer has a very public career identity crisis in "Jack The Hammer's Online Identity Crisis," by Jeff Bowles A poker player tracks down his double-crossing ex-partner for one last game of winner-take-all poker in "On Tilt," by James Queally A hard-drinking, loser former children's television star needs a miracle to save him from his outstanding debts in "Dee The Friendly Grizzly's Little Miracle," by Nick Kolakowski A hard-nosed loaner exacts revenge on his ex-wife's killer in "God May Forgive You," by Paul Heatley. A piano-loving husband dishes out a different kind of tune up in "Tuning the Old Joanna," by Tess Makovesky An honest undercover narcotics agent finds a reason to move on from his current position in "The Line," by C.J. Edwards.