The Future Is Short: Science Fiction in a Flash Here is flash science fiction at its finest -- swift to read but long remembered. 57 amazing speculative fiction capsules that transport you into thrilling worlds of imagination and ideas, suggesting that everything is possible -- aliens, time travel, other worlds, and the mysteries of Earth—in breathtakingly fresh combinations. This is the perfect book companion for a quick break or a relaxing afternoon. The Future Is Short: Science Fiction in a Flash presents 57 micro stories by talented authors. Relish each story in tiny bites of speculative fiction entertainment and adventure, catching glimpses of miniature worlds of the future in breathtakingly fresh flights of science fiction imaginings. As you step across the border of reality and escape into this fascinating collection of 725-word stories, you are instantly immersed in the dazzling visions of 31 talented science fiction authors—ranging from writers with published books and many publication credits, to others new to the writing world. In this sparkling collection, you will wander into realms where imagination rules and time is conquered. Discover tales of alien love and hate, inspiration, and revenge. Visit time’s ghosts on Mars and wonder, with aliens, at human lifestyles, reproduction, and actions. Explore a universe of heaven and hell redefined—where the wonders and horrors of science thrill and amuse. Paula Friedman, Jot Russell, and Carrol Fix bring together stories by an international group of authors who share their stories in the LinkedIn group, “Science Fiction readers, writers, collectors, and artists.” Jot Russell, creator/director of the Science Fiction Microstories Contest and executive director of this contest’s anthology, says, “From themes of green or blue, future or past, animal or mineral or alien, a catalyst is formed that sets creativity in motion. By the random nature of synapse, a story forms from thin air, like magic. Bounds that Einstein placed upon light itself cannot hold back a thought. For, imagination is beyond the bars of time and space. Within the mind, and with fewer words than those needed to paint a picture, a full science fiction work is derived in micro-scale.” New members are always welcome to join the monthly contest. Submissions must follow the monthly theme and are limited to a single LinkedIn post, roughly 650 words. The Future Is Short Anthology Authors: J.J. Alleson, Sam Bellotto Jr., Mike Boggia, Richard Bunning, Lars Carlson, Kalifer Deil, Carrol Fix, W.A. Fix, Paula Friedman, Andrew Gurcak, Ami L. Hart, Gene Hilgreen, Thaddeus Howze, S.M. Kraftchak, Helmuth Kump, Andy Lake, Joanna Lamprey, Jeremy Lichtman, Andy McKell, D C Mills, JD Mitchell, Karl J. Morgan, J.R. O’Neill, Amos Parker, Marianne G. Petrino, Jon Ricson, Jot Russell, Tom Tinney, Nonen Titi, Allen Quintana, J.F. Williams.