Science Fiction Consortium is an anthology of short stories from nine authors, including the creator of the Science Fiction Microstory Contest, Jot Russell. “Temporal Shift” by Jot Russell is a time travel story based around 9/11. “The Watch Spring” by Allen H. Quintana - Where a man waits for no time. “A Shepherd No More” by Andy McKell follows one man's refusal to accept disaster in the depths of space. “Vampirecratic Menace - A Case Study?” by Richard Bunning describes a dark future medical science. “Luna-1” by James Newman is a space drama of human struggle. “The Destroyer of Syn” by Ami Hart paints a synthetic world of youth to maturity. “Cold New Planet” by Joy V. Smith - What mysteries will the colonists--and the consortium backing them--uncover on this slowly thawing planet? “Darklings in the Glow” by Sterren describes birth from the ashes. “Host” by A. L. Scott is a story of internal contact. “Consortium” by Jot Russell - The search for intelligent life has used the method of radio and light. But somewhere within the subatomic, a universal seed has been planted that is slowly working to control us all.