Greenwoman Magazine celebrates garden writing in all its forms: fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, commentary, biography, art, and comics!

Daring and fun, Greenwoman is for the hip gardener who loves digging into the world of art and environmental thought that underlies gardening.

Volume 5 features:

"The Whole Ruth"—a biography of organic gardening guru Ruth Stout's life, from her Victorian-era childhood, through her two decades in NYC, to her realization of her intense (and sometimes nude) gardening love.

"Apples are Ruling My Life"—a new hobby orchardist finds more (much more) than she bargained for.

"A Life of the Mind"—Bruce Holland Rogers' short tale of a man's difficulties with ex-spouse and life in general and the way he finds relief.

"The Pot of Basil"—an ancient Italian tale of treachery and eternal love with an herbal twist.

"Tomato Love" and "Dearest Mary"—two sexy poems about love and gardening and other deliciousness.

"A New (Garden Writing Sensation): Greenwoman Magazine Interviews Amanda Thomsen. Amanda talks about her first book and her interesting trajectory into garden writing publishing.

"(Mons) Venus in the Garden"—Sex in the Garden columnist Elisabeth Kinsey explores the feminine aspect of shrubbery, a different kind, if you will, of "bush."

Also: Dan Murphy's “Slow Ride;” DB Rudin's "The Creature Feature;” art, comics . . . and MORE.