Got a great idea for a business? Think it could be the next Starbucks® or Zappos®? Ready to tell your boss to take your dead-end job and shove it? Or are you struggling with a business of your own and wondering if you are cut out to be your own boss? The Weekend Biz Plan is a simple way to jump start your business or get your biz idea off the ground. Allow me to guide you through the business planning process with a simple, specific agenda…from Friday through Sunday. Hit the ground running on Monday with a profitable Biz Plan – and business! The Weekend Biz Plan can help you… *Get inspired, focused and going with your own money-making business. *Move from “unemployed” to “self-employed.” *Figure out if your big idea is a money maker… or debt creator. *Fix or jump-start a stalled business. *Get the “Go Ahead” from your spouse, partner, kid, mom or dad. *Start a business while you are still at your current job. *Create a winning Selling Price. (Tip! It has nothing to do with what your competition charges.) *Make lots of money without selling your soul. *Finally get a workable Biz Plan together… so that by Monday you can hit the ground running!

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