Do you have a great idea for a business…but don’t know what to do to get it off the ground? Maybe, you started your business already…but it’s turning out to be all work and no payday? Perhaps you’re just burned out…and wonder if you should throw in the towel? The Bare Bones Biz Plan can help you start, fix and grow a profitable, rewarding business. The Bare Bones Biz Plan offers a simple strategy for creating a business plan and using it to build an extraordinary business. All you need is yourself and a three-ring binder. Commit to 60 minutes a day, five days a week, over the course of six weeks. I’ll help you create your Bare Bones Biz Plan Binder, a workable plan for crafting your Vision and making it happen. Follow the steps in this easy-to-use book, and you will have your plan for creating and expanding your business. You can become physically fit with a sound diet and exercise. The Bare Bones Biz Plan uses this time-tested approach to help you become fiscally fit. The Bare Bones Biz Plan works! With this Real-World, Straightforward Business Planning Book, You'll: *Learn how to make money…and stay in positive cash flow. *Get focused – so you can do more of what works, less of what doesn’t and achieve your goals. *Learn how to get “unstuck” and solve paralyzing problems. *Unlock the financial freedom that enticed you to start a business in the first place.

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