Edited by Emily Oxenford, with cover design by Jesse Brown, this is the fourth volume in the Reflections on Risk series of research notes, this containing 26 research notes by 25 different authors. In addition to the authors shown above, the volume contains research notes by Sukhman Tiwana, Matthew Welden, Jared Williams, and Dominik A. Zmuda. Here's what others have said about the book: "As in the previous three collections, Annie's students have delved into the ever-increasing variety of threats to our collective safety, providing in-depth analysis and thoughtful recommendations for potential solutions....Annie's continuing efforts to expose the work of her students to the public is a stellar example of leveraging the educational process to provide broader awareness of the issue; and in the process produce future leaders and employees who will have a heightened awareness of their own role in shaping our collective future." -- Michael Crandall "It is said that the past is prologue to our future. However, our future sometimes defies the lessons of the past. Fortunately there is Annie Searle who bridges both with her experience and the perspectives of her students." -- Ron Worman "An engaging compilation of fresh thinking on a range of key themes impacting risk governance..."--Kevin C. Desouza