The third volume in the series features 26 new research notes from 16 different contributors, extends the reach of the first two volumes, looking not only at risk-related issues of our time, but also at ethical dimensions of issues such as identity management, culture risk, privacy and security. The authors wrote the research notes while students in the University of Washington's Master of Science in Information Management (MSIM) program. This volume is divided into six sections: cybersecurity, economics, privacy, government oversight, innovation and disasters. "The third volume of Reflections on Risk covers a wide span of issues our society faces in the modern age. Topics range from the multiple impacts resulting from the migration of our underlying economic, social, and government infrastructure toward a digital environment, to the complexities of disaster management in an increasingly complex and crowded world. The timely collection of essays by students taught under Annie's guidance illuminates questions we should all be thinking about every day, and showcases the talent that will be shaping our future." -- Mike Crandall, Principal Research Scientist, University of Washington Information School "....delivers a wealth of unique, creative considerations of risk derived from the headlines. From risks of robotic surgery and the implications of 3-D printing to security for the Olympic Games and the disappearance of MH Flight 370, these articles challenge those charged with mitigating risk to broaden their thinking. The plethora of teachable moments in this book should not be missed." -- Brian Tishuk, General Counsel, FS-ISAC Reflections on RIsk III is the fifth book published by Tautegory Press since 2011.