Words are SPOKEN as rewards from those we love, or used as weapons to cause hurt. Words inspire us. They form an atomic link of spirit to the very Presence of God. They evoke the very presence of evil. They can bring either miracles or mayhem, love or lust, health or sickness, gratification or utter despair.

Words used as devotion to God have the power of redemption from ignorance. But, when used as lies, words have a strange way of making lies multiply, creating a series of destruction and confusion for all involved. As a nation and cosmic neighbor, we must be the truth bringers and see the light of God in each person and perceive this reality in our own thought atmosphere. Every thought creates our reality because thought is the highest form of prayer and those thoughts form words (mentally first), then verbally, where they have power to "create." Your first unspoken conversation with yourself moves what many call God consciousness, or Christ consciousness to the next level of physical, concrete reality. I heard someone say that we came from a Creator and thereby have the ability to create.

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