The purpose of philosophy in the practice of naturopathic medicine is to think as a Naturopath. This book, Philosophy of Naturopathic Medicine, lays out the foundation for clear naturopathic thinking. In choosing the philosophy of naturopathic medicine, the Naturopath recognizes that nature is inherently wise and that abiding by its laws one reinforces and sustains individual health and sanity. The naturopathic movement was founded by pioneer Benedict Lust and led by him through fifty years of publishing advocacy and patient care. He wrote, collected, edited and published several thousand substantial articles on every conceivable naturopathic medical subject. This title, which focuses on the philosophy of naturopathic medicine, represents a unique collection of the Lust journals, previously housed in locked cabinets in The Rare Book Room at National College of Natural Medicine but now available to everyone as part of an extraordinary and accessible twelve book series-The Hevert Collection: In Their Own Words.

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