During the 1980s the velocity of circulation of the dollar became erratic; now the whole country is affected. "The Money Mystery" explains why Federal Reserve officials remain so afraid of inflation, explains precautions you should take, and explains the wild swings in the stock market. Few analysts understand what velocity is doing to the economy. Learn what you can do about it. This third edition includes an all new chapter titled A New, or Very Old, Form of Inflation.

"The Money Mystery" is the first sequel to "Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?" and provides essential background for getting the most from "The Clipper Ship ", both books are also available through Amazon.

Can be used for courses in Economics, Business, Finance, Government and History.

To improve the student's learning experience, also purchase the student study guide for "The Money Mystery", 3rd edition, titled "A Bluestocking Guide: Solving the Money Mystery".

Table of Contents for The Money Mystery
Uncle Eric's Model of How the World Works
Study Guide Available
Author's Disclosure
Fable of the Frog
1. The Financial Panic of 1980
2. A Shot of Inflation
3. Misleading Propaganda
4. The French Example
5. Stage Two Inflation
6. Khomeini
7. The Grain Embargo
8. Ramifications of the Panic of 1980
9. The Gloom-and-Doomers
10. Two Important Questions
11. The Financial Hair-Trigger
12. Federal Reserve Behavior
13. Another Important Lesson
14. The Lesson of the 1987 Crash
15. What You Can Do About It
16. Summary
17. The Velocity Demon Updated
18. A New, or Very Old, Form of Inflation

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