One delighted grandparent praised this workbook for the curiosity it sparked: Last summer we did the Big Second Grade workbook. During the science section my granddaughter fell [in] love with the information on sea mammals and habitats. This led us to the library for additional material she could read and understand herself. Wow! She did a lot of reading short books on all types of animals after doing the pages in the workbook. I have recommended it to several people, given them the catalog I had and even given your books as gifts. This is a great product at a wonderful price.

A pleased parent noted that My son had been asking almost daily about learning multiplication so he could be one of the first in his class to learn it. So when I let him open the package containing this workbook he was overjoyed. It is so nice to see a child so excited about education and I'm glad you provide quality materials to make that happen. Your workbooks are engaging and true to grade level.

Our 7 year old has been really enjoying this book, commented another parent. Some of it is a little hard for him but will be great for this summer. He can't wait to make [an] ocean in a bottle. I love all the variety that school zone mixes in their books. It really keeps boys interested! Thanks School Zone!

Plug kids into a cover-to-cover, analog world of learning. What is a verb? What is regrouping? How fast do plants grow? You will be amazed by what your second grader will practice and master with this book. Key skills areas include vocabulary, parts of speech, writing, reading, science, math, and more. Plus, each page is perforated so it can be torn out for individual worksheets. Kids learn and reinforce many important second-grade skills as they count, identify, estimate, create, and measure. Everything from numbers to shapes to writing to weather is covered in this workbook full of friendly pictures and colors. Did You Know? fun facts such as The oldest zoo in the U.S. add to both the fun and the learning. So do mini exercise that reinforce the core activities. Here s just one: Draw a picture that shows you and your friends playing together. Label five nouns by writing a word next to its picture. For example, draw a ball and write the word ball next to it. Think About It! questions get kids applying what they've learned, thinking critically, and solving problems. Word Watch boxes introduce and define new words and expand kids' vocabulary.

This Big Second Grade Workbook has 320 pages packed with colorful, cute illustrations and clear instructions. A skill focus listed at the bottom corner of every page makes it easy to find and practice particular areas, and a Parent Guide, Table of Contents, Answer Key, and Activities to Share facilitate maximum learning. When kids complete the workbook, fill out Great Job! You re #1 certificate to reward a job well done. Hang it on the wall or fridge display their achievement with pride.

The activities in this workbook help develop an incredible number of subjects and skills for school success and everyday living including sentence construction, parts of speech, past and present tense, paragraphs, antonyms/opposites, homophones, animal families, palindromes, compound words, weather, anagrams, map reading, rhyming words, short and long vowels, cause and effect relationships, classification, details, story order, inference, main idea, sequence, interrogative words, character and setting, numbers 1-20, before/between/after, greater than/less than, addition facts, sums to 10, adding and subtracting, solving word problems, two-digit numbers, counting by 2s/5s/10s, skip counting, even and odd, ordinal numbers, tally charts, pictographs, bar graphs, tables, hundreds, place value, three-digit numbers, multiplication, coordinate graphs, measuring, telling time, using calendars, estimating, weath