Companions in Christ is designed to develop you as a leader in guiding the spiritual life of your congregation. This resource gives you an overview of the Christian spiritual life and the practices that help people enter into the formative pattern of Christ's life: a life of prayer, study and service. Help your small group members move from information (knowledge about) to experience (knowledge of) in the means of grace - ways in which Christ meets people, renews their faith, and deepens their life together in love. This revised Leader's Guide provides detailed guidance for leading a small group through the 28 weekly sessions. The plans have been tested and refined by groups in churches across the country. This books contains all you need, including ... the Getting Started Guide, which was formerly a separate piece a revised plan for a Closing Retreat Weekly Needs at a Glance page references for both the comprehensive one-volume Participant's Book and the new five-volume series ""I found that the Guide was complete, easy to use, and filled with a vast wealth of worship experiences and leadership tools,"" writes one Companions in Christ group leader. ""I haven't found this content in other resources."" Lead your group deeper into the heart and mind, the work and spirit, the very life of Jesus Christ!