Since 1945, " Guideposts" magazine has published true stories of hope and inspiration - stories told in a compelling first-person style that puts the reader inside the narrator`s life and in touch with the narrator`s emotions. Here, to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the magazine, are the `best of the best`, including the magazine`s very first story: " I Believe in Prayer" by World War I veteran Captain Eddie Rickenbacker. In this lovely casebound volume, readers will find more than fifty stories of faith, hope, courage, kindness, and unexpected blessings: a postal worker who survived anthrax, a father who lost a daughter in the Oklahoma City bombing and forgave her killers, a grandmother reunited with her grandson after decades of separation, and a teacher who adopted a needy young boy. Also included are stories from Dolly Parton, Norman Vincent Peale, Eddie Albert, and Helen Steiner Rice. Each story will touch the hearts of readers, as they have for millions of `Guideposts` readers over the years. Book in slipcase.