Step By Step, these attractive and interesting lessons make it possible for you to understand and speak Brazilian-Portuguese in the shortest possible time.

The Cortina Method combines a selection of practical phrases of everyday use and the absence of complicated grammatical rules, to make the study of spoken Portuguese quick, easy and effective.

A Comprehensive Reference Grammar is provided following the lessons. This section which also contains a guide to pronunciation will prove a handy and invaluable aid to the student.

Useful Dictionary
This Portuguese-English Dictionary of about 1,200 words also has an index of grammatical points which will be found especially practical because, in addition to giving the translation of the most important words, they refer to sections of the grammar where they are covered.

For students who desire a rapid mastery of spoken conversational Brazilian-Portuguese, the Cortina Academy has recorded the vocabularies and conversations of this book using voices of native Brazilian instructors chosen for their excellent accent and pleasing tone. Anyone interested in a full description of these recordings and a FREE Sample Record in Brazilian-Portuguese has only to send the postcard inserted in the back of this book.

Cortina's Short-Cut Method has received the approval of students, teachers, schools, colleges, and business firms all over the world.