This book was written to be useful. To be a tool. Actually two kinds of tools. One is for your head. You will learn many new things. You will learn... That creativity is a problem solving process. That well-known creators and performers (in dance, drama, jazz, opera, improv, comedy, etc.) use paired constraints to construct solution paths. That one of the pair precludes something specific in an existing style or solution. That the other provides a substitute to replace it. That constraint pairs cascade - one substitution suggesting or requiring another. That a series of substitutions becomes the solution path that replaces the existing and defines the new. The other tool is for your hands. You will learn new ways of using what your know. You will learn... How to make your tool box bigger. How to get past your gatekeepers. How to use paired constraints to start doing something new. How to use paired constraints to continue doing something new. Use your new tools. Use them to do something new.