Is there something hidden inside your deepest memories?

What if you could relive any event from your past in picture-perfect detail? The possibilities would be endless. Would you want to revisit your fondest memories? That time you scored the winning touchdown? That perfect family vacation when you were a child? That time you had your first kiss? Or would you use this ability to dig deeper into your past, to try to understand how exactly you became the person you are today? Would you be afraid of what you might find?

Kyle Drake is a young professional working in management at a high-tech laboratory in the San Francisco Bay Area. Losing sight of the motivation that helped him achieve his status, he has found himself reverting back to the lifestyle of his wilder younger days, driven in no small part by his long-time friend, Travis. When a remarkable discovery at the lab one day forces Kyle to snap out his destructive pattern of behavior, Kyle does everything he can to try to clean up his act and lead his project to a successful outcome. Though when Kyle and his friends realize the true impact of what his team has discovered, they struggle to put the interests of the project before their own selfish needs. Soon, Kyle finds himself tangled in a web of deception and sabotage that threaten to ruin his one chance at setting his life on the right path.

  • Binding: Paperback
  • Product Group: Book
  • Product Type Name: ABIS_BOOK
  • Manufacturer: Spes Bona
  • Part Number: black & white illustrations
  • Edition: 1