This book/DVD proves how the U.S. Government, Lyndon B. Johnson, The Secret Service, FBI, CIA, Mafia Connections and Texas Oil arranged, financed, implemented the assassination and cover-up of our nations 35th President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Includes FBI documents signed by J. Edgar Hoover on 11/23/63 stating the FBI (and Dallas Police) had no fingerprints on the weapons and shell casings Oswald was to have 'allegedly' used to assassinate President Kennedy and Officer J.D. Tippit. Includes Naval Intelligence documents before and after the assassination of President Kennedy to a self-admitted assassin describing in great detail of the upcoming events of 11/22/63 and the following cover-up. Includes the document of Jack Ruby admitting to Dallas County Police (while in Dallas County Records Building/Asst. District Attorney Office) on 11/21/63, 'You probably don't know me now, but you will.' Book contains 67 color photographs/documents and 56 Black and White. Each book will be signed with salutations by the author. Please send corresponding email to for person you want the book addressed to and reference your order number.

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