2015 AIRIE Art Calendar will appeal to those who care deeply about the environment and wish to contribute to its well being and appreciation. These ambassadors share their artistic interpretations and informed experiences about the Everglades to foster better understanding and insights of this UNESCO World Heritage subtropical environment. This calendar highlights 24 of the more than 100 AIRIE Fellows who have participated and lived within in the Everglades National Park through this Friends program. Contributing artists include: Tori Arpad-Cotta, Irene Christensen, Anita Dallar, Rodney Dickson, Frank Duval, Karen Glaser, Harumi Abe, Joanna Kidd, Susan Klein, Deedra Ludwig, Donna Marxer, Kathy Wright. Contributing writers include: Mary Kate Azcuy, Wendy Call, Brenna Dixon, Marjorie Stoneman Douglas, Mary Beth Ellis, Andrea Mason, Bill Maxwell, Karla Merrifield, Nathaniel Sandler, Anne McCrary Sullivan, Diana Woodcock, Martha Zweig. Your purchase is a tax deductible donation to this non-profit organization for the benefit of Everglades National Park Service Friends group.