In an undeniable ode of love, Ebony Williams pens her heart for her mate—the man that her Abba, purposely created for her. With candid, and vivid expressions of her sentiments, she paints an artistic memoir of love, life, and legacy as she awaited the revealing of the man she was to betroth. Sincerely Her, is a poetic work of a woman’s vulnerable heart. The interactive book of love letters echoes the heart of God, and encourages women to embrace the principles of God’s word, in order to gain the manifested promise of his heart for them in the form of a husband. Several intimate love letters are shared that engulf the heart in deep-seated emotions of love. Prayers and targeted love notes to women who may be struggling with the hurt of old relationships and issues are also shared. It is a reflection of a future wife’s heart, just as much as it is a gift of reverence to the future husband of an awaiting wife. Join HER, on a journey of healing, wholeness, and serenity. You too will find yourself positioning to be found—you too will learn what is necessary to be Sincerely, Her!