Do you have a movie you want to make? Or a screenplay that you want produced? Are you going to pitch a project to a studio executive, producer, name actor or private investor? Pitching means asking producers, name actors, and studio executives for help. After gaining funds for a number of projects (one film went to the Cannes film market), Marcoux has compiled what worked and what didn’t into this book. Much of it builds on his observations of dire mistakes, his own and others’. He alerts you to countermeasures to problems that pop up and how to solve them. Avoid the traps. When it comes to the vital skill of pitching your ideas, enrolling others into your vision, this book shows you the way. . . . Praise for this Book: “This insightful book shows you how to zing a curveball right past the parts of the Hollywood exec’s brain that want to say no before you even make your pitch. In these pages you will learn what works when pitching, and more importantly, why, so you can get to YES much more often. Buy this book now. Consider it Spring Training before the big game.” – Danek S. Kaus, produced screenwriter, author of You Can Be Famous: Insider Secrets to Getting Free Publicity “Tom Marcoux is one of the most persuasive people I know. He provides research-based methods so that you can get people to say ‘Yes!’ to your project. Get this book. It’s a Must Read. I have hired Tom as my media coach and I’m thrilled with the results I’ve gained.” - Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoeter, coach to CEOs and Olympic Gold Medalists “Tom gives you powerful methods so you easily gain rapport, trust, and active responsiveness from important people.” - David Barron, coauthor of Power Persuasion . . . . Praise for Tom Marcoux’s Previous Books in the Film/Television Series: * “'Darkest Secrets of Film Directing' is a great course on the art and craft of film directing. It’s especially helpful that Tom Marcoux reveals some important pitfalls you need to avoid.” – Danek S. Kaus, Produced Screenwriter * “'Darkest Secrets of the Film and Television Industry Every Actor Should Know' gives you the toolkit from acting skills to self promotion! Even learn to produce a video for YouTube or webisodes. As an actress, I really value this information. Read the book and use the information!” – Carole Wilkinson, actress About Tom Marcoux as a Film Director: “When casting, film director Tom Marcoux’s acting and improvisation skills shine as he works with actors.” – Daniel Buhlman, film director and actor “Tom treats cast and crew with great respect. His support helped me express the truth in my scenes.” – David MacDowell Blue, actor, screenwriter and author of The Annotated Carmilla.... Tom Marcoux won a special award at the Emmys. He wrote, directed, produced and acted in a feature film that went to Cannes film market, where it gained international distribution. He is engaged in the graphic novel/feature film (series) projects Crystal Pegasus (children's), TimePulse (science fiction) and Jack AngelSword (fantasy-thriller). Tom Marcoux helps people like you fulfill big dreams. As America’s Communication Coach and TFG* Thought Leader, Tom has authored 22 books with sales in 15 countries. One of his books rose to #1 on Hot New Releases. Tom also guides clients and audiences (IBM, Sun Microsystems) to success in public speaking, media relations, and branding. As a member of National Speakers Association, he is a coach and guest expert on TV, radio, and print, and was dubbed “the Personal Branding Instructor” by the San Francisco Examiner. Tom addressed six National Assoc. of Broadcasters’ Conferences. With a degree in psychology, Tom is a guest lecturer at Stanford University & Calif. State Univ., & teaches public speaking, business communication & comparative religion at Academy of Art University. Using Tom’s public speaking methods, one graduate students won the Charles Schwab Scholarship. Visit Tom’s blog at